Two weeks out – Tournament To-Do’s:


Alright!  We are just under two weeks away from playing host to some big numbers (for us anyways!)  I’ve got a lot of this thing covered, but some things that we still need to determine and finish are: (This thing is pretty long winded, but bear with me and see if you can help in any areas!)

-Money! I’ve already bought the trophies and some of the supplies needed for the boards, but some other costs we will have to cover up front will be food and beverages, T-shirts, other supplies for the tournament – chalk (for the brackets at WSU and at UI [thinking about doing the same thing only on the unused court ground as UI…thoughts?]), liability release form copies, etc.  We need to determine how this is going to be paid for and how we are going to reimburse those who cover the upfront costs.  I am thinking of opening a bank account in the group name for use in things like this… we can attach it to a paypal account and allow people to pay their fees online before coming over, we can easily deposit all the money in the account and issue checks to those that will need it, and we can start to keep good records of what money we take in and where it goes.  Thoughts/comments/ideas are welcome regarding all of this.

– Sponsors! We are basically putting this event on with no sponsors, but we’re trying to make it look like a bigger event.  We want this to be a successful event this year so we can go to our school and to sponsors for our next tournament and show that we’ve hosted a good event that people liked and would come to again.  That said, if anyone knows of a way we can get a last minute sponsor, I’m not opposed to it, cause I’m pretty broke right now…

– Boards! I’ve got enough for about one court, maybe a court and a half if we cheat a little.  I think I saw some more stuff to make boards as I was coming in to moscow tonight.  I may try and scope that out a little more tomorrow, but it looked to be about a half courts worth, maybe less…  Anyways, we need more.  I’ll throw a picture up here tomorrow to show you how I’ve been making them.  I’m thinking we can cheat a bit by not screwing the 2×3 chunks in to the backs of the boards that will be along the fences… that will save us a lot of time, and probably be easier to either leave at the court or pick back up when we’re done.

– Installation! Once e get all the wood cut and organized, we need to install them!  This will need to be done on thursday or friday before everyone shows up.  I may try and take that friday afternoon (Oct. 23rd) off to get going on this.  With 3-4 people, I think this would only take up to two hours.  We’ll need battery powered screw drivers and some more wood screws.

-Goals! We have 4 cones… we need 8 more.  We also need to measure out and spray paint the courts with the cone locations so they are easily determinable if they get knocked over.  Also, we need to paint out a shooting boundary around at least one goal on each court in case a game goes to a shootout… I’m thinking that a 3-4 foot boundary that you must shoot before entering (for the shootout only of course).

– Housing! We need to figure out who is putting who up!  I can only host about one team (3 players).  If you can host people, let me know how many!

– Registration! We need to determine an easy way to do this.  A table and a sign-in sheet?  Pre-registration?  Reese, you mentioned the ability of Pay-pal?

– Logo! Our logo isn’t as bitchin as I want it to be, but Im not graphically creative enough to come up with anything better.  If someone else out there wants to take this on, let me know or just do it and show it off next time we meet!  I’ve got some ideas, but I’ve been pretty hard pressed for time to try them out.

– T-shirts! So I’ve had hardly any spare time to finish designing these.  If we want them in time for the tournament, we need to turn them in by tuesday (oct. 13th) pretty much.  If I don’t hear/see anything coming from anyone else, I’m just going to use the current logo thats on the top of this site for this first run of shirts.  Right now, I’ve got three hardcourt faculty shirts to make, and ??? other generic shirts?  Ideas?  Lets get on the ball here… we don’t want the only Pullman/Moscow BP shirts leaving town with Seattle folk.

– Food! We need to come up with a rough assessment of food needs and pick it all up.  We also need to determine who is going to cook/man the grill.  Since we moved it to a two day thing, that means we need twice as much food and twice as much fuel to cook it all.  Unless we want people leaving because they are hungry, we need to do this.

– Scheduling! This is going to be hard, I think.  Determining who plays who when and where will get a little dicey.  We need to set a schedule and have people around to help keep it firm.  We can’t screw around like we do at pick-up, we just won’t have the daylight.  We need everyone from Pullman/Moscow possible to help step up and organize and be pushy and make teams get to the courts.  I’ll do my best at keeping this running smooth and efficient, but I’ll need some help when I’m on the courts.

– Teams! Here in Moscow We have ONE team for the collegiate bracket organized.  Hoping to see one more put together by Graham, but I can’t guarantee anything.  As for the open, We may just play with the same team, but thats not yet been determined.  We need to determine teams from WSU and for the open bracket.  I want to show Seattle and whoever else shows up that we can play here… so lets put some good teams together… or lets start playing more and building more skill!

– Mallets! I just put two new heads on poles today, so I have a total of 4 mallets to use… basically only one extra as my two teammates will be using two of my other mallets.  I’ve been looking for ski poles but no luck finding any yet.  I’ve got enough mallet heads for about 6 more mallets, but no poles!  If we can track down some poles, we can get some more mallets together, and we can experiment with lengths or whatever.  The more mallets we have the easier it is to recruit people out too!  So if we don’t get to this before the tournament, it should still be a long term goal.

– Weather! We obviously can’t control this, but it could be a factor for our event… especially with all this cold weather we’ve been having.  I plan on keeping the event going if its raining… but we’ll need to provide some sort of cover/shelter for people… like canopies etc.  If it snows… then what? haha… Its a possibility… are we going to play or call it off?  I say we play… just bring some shovels and more pads for all the wrecks that will be surely happening!

– Entertainment! There will probably be quite a bit of down time in between matches for some teams.  We need to come up with some possible things for people to do while they wait that will keep them on the location.

-First Aid! I’ve got a VERY basic first aid kit and a VERY basic knowledge base on how to use it/what to do in situations.  If anyone else can bring more kits/bandaids/other items that may come in handy in case of a bad wreck, I think it would be best to do so.

– PA/Music? Anyone have a megaphone that we can use for the tournament?  Anyone know where we could rent one if not?  I don’t think there will be that many people there, but they might spread out so it could come in handy?  I dunno… I have mixed feelings about this, it might draw the wrong kind of attention if you know what I mean.

– Move everything to Pullman? This is an idea I’ve been throwing around in my head for a few days now… The positives are that we would have three courts to play on instead of two, we are a little more secluded, there are the big cement sidewalls that we can draw the brackets on, there is a big shelter/cover/awning type thing next to the lowest court that we could use for all the staging, registering etc.   I dunno… It’s just an idea… and I’m still kinda torn cause I like how we are playing in both towns that hold our name…  thoughts?

Whew.  I think thats it.  I hope.  I’ll probably remember a few things right after I finish posting this.  But!  All of these things are important (some more than others) and we need to figure all of this out and quick!  Lets play some more polo in the next two weeks and get this all hammered out.  I also think we could benefit from having a meeting to hammer all this stuff out.  Joey and I will be at the Alehouse this Wednesday (Oct. 14th) around 5:30, does that work for others??

Play Polo!


One Response to “Two weeks out – Tournament To-Do’s:”

  1. Liz Says:


    Money: I think the bank account sounds like a good idea, and it allows us to keep all the money in one place rather than having it split up. With issuing checks, it’s probably best to do it as a reimbursement rather than an up-front estimation of what someone might need whenever possible. I have a printer and have access to a free B&W one, so I can print off liability forms to save on copy costs. I also may have some chalk at home somewhere. I’m going home this weekend to the westside and I’ll be hitting Costco and such while I’m there, so if you have any ideas for food by then, I’ll happily get it. The only issue is storage of frozen/refrigerated stuff, since I don’t have access to a large fridge/freezer.

    Boards: I’ve got a truck and I’m heading across WA on Friday, so if anyone finds something on the free section of CL (I’ll be looking, too) anywhere along the way, I’ll gladly pick it up. I’d be good to help that Friday afternoon with putting them up, since I have one class and it’s in the morning. I’ll talk to Miles and see what power tools we can bring from his house when we come back to Pullman Sunday.

    Housing: SOL there, I’m in the dorms. I could probably have maybe two people sleep on my floor, but it may get me in trouble. Plus it’s not really a great place to stay. But I’ll offer it up if we need it.

    Registration: Have any teams paid up so far? I’d just take down their names and location and call that pre-registration. Then they’d just have to sign in day-of. Probably at the same time we could have a cash-only registration table for people registering day-of.

    Logo/Shirts: I think the idea of a horse riding a bike is awesome, but if we have to have the design in for shirts tomorrow, that kinda blows. So I’d say for the first run of shirts do the logo and maybe One Less Horse on the back or something. What are the Hardcourt Faculty shirts for?

    Food: I can pick up stuff at Costco while I’m home if we know kinda what we’re going to need and how much.

    Mallets: Miles and I have one extra and one sort-of extra that’s cracking a little. They’re made out of golf clubs so they’re shorter, but they’ll do.

    Weather: My dad has a pop-up canopy that I’ll try and get him to let me borrow, but I can’t make any guarantees on that. It’s just one of those EZ-Up ones, I think it’s 8 by 8 or something. Not a whole lot of coverage, but it would be something.

    Entertainment: I have an iPod dock/CD player/radio that can run on batteries or by power, so as long as the weather’s not going to kill it, I could bring that out and people could put in their iPods or CDs and stuff for music.

    Pullman: I think that would work, but the question is if everyone wants to move. I personally like the Moscow courts better, but the Pullman location would be more central, the big parking lot nearby has free parking on the weekends, and the sheltered areas would work if it rained or snowed. But then we’re just playing in Pullman and we’re Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo, so I don’t know how fair it would be to you guys in Moscow and to the visitors that we want to show both places to, y’know?

    So I’ll help out with whatever you need, just let me know, and I can be at the Alehouse on Wednesday only if they allow minors 🙂

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