2 Days Away!


Alright, 2.5 days away…

Still need 8 more cones.

Still need to know who can host and how many.  Seattle had 19!!!! at last count.  that’s a lot. I can probably host 4-6 people. that leaves up to 13-15 people that still need a floor to crash on.

Need confirmation on who can help install boards and help clean up the courts on Friday afternoon.  No one from out of town will be here until about midnight at the earliest it looks like, so we’ll have time to install them before they get here. 3-4 people could get this done in probably 2 hours at the most. Brooms and Battery drills needed, everything else I’ve got.

TEAMS!  We gotta get our shit together and form some damn teams!

I think that’s it.  Let’s figure all this out at pickup tomorrow!!!


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