Every city seems to have a same general set of rules, but with slightly different variances in certain aspects.  To keep things simple, here’s a list of what we play by in the Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo Group:

(Look for a how-to video in the pretty distant future {read: don’t look too hard})

  • Footdown – probably the most common rule you’ll hear of in bike polo.  If your foot touches the ground, you must leave play and tap out at a designated point on the court.  Typically we tap out on either side of the center line.  This is on the honor system for the most part, so don’t be lame, please.

Footdown! Get outta there!

  • No “hotdog” (read: shuffle) goals – probably not the most legitimate term, but it’s what we go with.  Your mallet has 4 sides – two long and two small – and you can only score with the small ends.  You can’t use the long end of the mallet to shuffle the ball through the goal.
End of the mallet only, as Will from Spokane Demonstrates (poorly, I might add)

End of the mallet only, as Will from Spokane Demonstrates (poorly, I might add)

  • Contact – Contact is limited on an item-to-item basis.  Basically that means person-to-person, bike-to-bike, mallet-to-mallet.  No smacking the other players with your mallet or trashing them with your bike.  That’s just not cool, bro.
Reese and Will keeping it clean...

Reese and Will keeping it clean...

  • No cheaping – I don’t know what else to call this – Since our goals are open and you can ride through them…  one thing to remember is that you cannot take a the ball from the back of the goal through the front, and be the one to score a goal.  You may pass through the goal, and you may dribble around the goal, but just don’t be cheap and dribble through only to backhand it in for a point…  That’s boring. (and you’re lame for being boring).
Scott and Reese trying to keep things legitimate

Scott and Reese showin' how to be fair about it...

  • After a point is scored – We are trying out some new things here, but I think we’ve settled on this:  Once your team has scored a goal, you must head back across the half court line towards the goal you’re defending.  You can’t cross the half court line until the other team brings the ball across it.  If they are bringing it across as you are heading back, you can’t engage them until all three of you (you, the ball, and the other player) have crossed the half court line.  It’s called common courtesy, dude.
Keep'n it real, dawgs... fo sho.

Keep'n it real, dawgs... fo sho.

  • Knockdown! – If you knock down one of the goal posts (whatever it may be… water bottle, road cone, lawn gnome, etc) You can’t engage back in play until you’ve reset it!  Keep in mind, that if you have to put your foot down to reset it, you’ll have to tap out too!  Double Burn!
Big thanks to Reese for providing us with a perfect example!

Big UP's to Reese for providing us with a perfect example of the 'Double Burn'!

I think that just about covers all of our rules.  I’ll update as necessary, but don’t be surprised if they’ve changed on the court and not here… in fact just get over it.


2 Responses to “Rules”

  1. Reese Says:

    In the example of the double burn I remember scoring before the cone fell or my foot touched. You can see the ball through the goal above my rear tire. So the burn was on the guy in the back ground.

  2. pmbikepolo Says:


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